Thursday 8 October 2015

My Work; My Soul Purpose

A few people have recently asked me "what exactly do you do in your healing sessions?"So here for your clarification is a little more about my work and my overarching vision for what I do. What I do is not the same as who I am, but it comes pretty close!

We are electro magnetic beings functioning in an electro magnetic world! What we often refer to as ‘vibes’ can sometimes be a direct reflection of an intuitive bodily identification with that very energy surrounding us. Matter is simply energy vibrating and a denser rate than say feelings and emotions for example, but in our case (humans) matter contains all of the blueprints of our experiences so far so these thoughts, feelings and emotions are filed in our metaphorical filing system and often referred to at a later date.  

Every human being has a several energy bodies (e.g., physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, astral, etheric). My work focusses on the primary vessel for our human experience, the physical form, as the container for every level of being-ness that we can experience in our lives. 

As we grow up, we become conditioned by the experiences, thoughts and feelings of others who are influential in our lives, starting with the most primary relationship of parent/child. When our influencers have not managed to process their own experiences, what usually happens is that those experiences are passed on to us in the form of distortions of the original experience, thus creating a second layer of the first trauma. We can also do the same to others. 

The main areas of interest in my work are in sexuality and health. Health is extremely broad as a term of reference though so let me further clarify; I love facilitating people in discovering what being healthy means to them. I have no interest in doing this as a dietitian, or a personal trainer (for example), and whilst both are excellent careers paths, they are not my calling. Rather, my interest in 'health' stems from a deep desire to support people in living self-determined balanced, harmonious and fulfilled lives, and comes from a commitment to authentic self expression. In order to reach that we must first clear the pathways - a path free of trip hazards is after all much easier to traverse than one beset by potentially hazardous pitfalls! 

Ancient systems of medicine recognized the presence of seven major energy centres, or chakras in the body, each corresponding to a different physical gland, emotion, element and energetic frequency. These centres are connected via some 72,000 psychic energy pathways known as the nadis, a little like rivers connecting to the estuary, connecting to the ocean (of our being). We are basically information super highways, and pretty miraculous ones at that! 

In shamanic and tantric practice, it’s also recognized that the source of much dis-ease in the body, whether that be physical, emotional, mental or of the spirit, originates in the process by which we come to be out of alignment with the harmonious flow of energy throughout the body. This mis-alignment can arise through poor nutrition, environmental toxins, emotional discordance or trauma, and as mentioned earlier, the cumulative conditioning arising throughout our childhood and formative years. It can also arise in sensitive individuals who haven’t learned how to discharge the energy they pick up.

I offer two main types of healing in my one-to-one work at present. The first is Tantric Shamanic Bodywork and functions like this:
You arrive for an initial consultation session in which we have already acknowledged you are working with healing any issues around intimacy, sexuality and primary relationship. Sessions typically involve breath work, soul gazing, massage and sacred touch, conscious sexuality coaching, shamanic theta scanning and soul recovery, energetic cord cutting and trauma release from the body. We will be mapping out your personal blueprint for pleasure and intimate communication. Phew! That's a lot right? But don't worry, we go at a pace which is appropriate and comfortable for you. This work can be challenging work but the rewards are manyfold. 

The second is Energy Field Healing, which I also combine with shamanic practices to clear and re-set the mind-body-spirit function. Here I work directly with the energy field using an electro magnetic mat, and a set of etheric weavers (a bit like dowsing tools) to identify where there are any blockages or stuck energy in your system. This is a clothed session not involving massage, instead we focus on deep relaxation and meditation for re-programming, using the mat as the vehicle for that energy field balancing. I also use shamanic diagnostics in these sessions to get really clear about what we're working with, thus taking a strong intent into the sessions. Here is a testimonial from a client I worked with on the mat very recently: 

"The electro magnetic mat is very effective and specific in re-aligning any disturbances or blockages in the body. I experienced a short session with the mat yesterday and it was a very powerful healing session for me. My heart was blocked, afraid to open up and let go, and the mat instantly led me into relaxation and slowly ran energetic currents through my energy, allowing me to open up and let myself begin to transmute the blockage. I had a profound experience in my session, S tuned into me on deep levels and was correct on every issue that was going on with me. I'm so grateful to experience this small and powerful breakthrough with her, and I plan to work more with her as I felt comfortable with her holding space for me. She offered reassurance to the point where I knew I could have gone deeper into healing my heart in a more in-depth session. I was able to experience that space and my heart received healing. I'm feeling more at peace and free within now and hope to carry on." 

Here's an image of my lovely mat to give you an idea of what we're working with! 

In my work, I seek to find and dissolve any of the barriers that limit you from being the radiant being you were always meant to be. I hope this helps clarify what I do and I very much look forward to working with you. 

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin (For All Our Relations) - for in healing ourselves we must inevitably heal the generations to come. 

*All of my work is highly confidential and adheres to strict codes of practice. 

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