Wednesday 1 January 2014

Working With Moon and Year Cycles.

Today sees a new moon on the first day of the new year. Evidently a rare combination especially as there are two new moons in this month, both 'super moons' a term used to refer to a moon which is closer to the earth than usual making it appear larger and brighter. A fitting metaphor that for this year, from what I'm reading, we are really being called to 'walk our talk.'

Now, I've never been one for shying away from processing my 'shit', although it's also true that I've spent my fair share of time digging deep holes in futile attempts to bury it for just a bit longer! But this new moon, on a new day, in a new year, well it seems to have strong resonance for me.

New moons are all about setting intentions, not the kind that every January 1st sees (resolutions) based on not being happy with aspects of ones weight, smoking, drinking or excessive habitual behaviours, but more about actually taking time to really sow seeds about what you invite over the month to come, and if you expand that by 12, the year suddenly becomes consciousness epitomised.

When working with moon cycles you can effectively amplify your intentions by bringing into awareness the cycles of nature and her ebbs and flows. Everything around us is in a state of constant flux and transformation and we are no different. Once upon a time, women who worked with moon cycles (outside of our monthly bleed) and nature were labelled witches, and yet we all live in a cyclic nature of renewal and rebirth. So how can we begin to harness the power of this omnipresent waxing and waning of both the moon, and the energy of the year.

Time it seems, is speeding up. I don't know about you but 2013 seems to have passed in the blink of an eye. My previous blog post lists some of my personal achievements through the last twelve months, and this year my intention is to continue harvesting my goals, values and visions for this beautiful planet, and to sow the seeds that will make my contribution worthwhile. I have children. I consider what legacy I am leaving them. What will they know of me and speak of me when I am old and gone? How will they describe me to others? Hopefully as inspirational, as a person worth emulating, as a great mother and a worthy role model. When I look through the eyes of my children I am humbled and I am motivated beyond the ego dramas, the distractions and the pitfalls and so it makes sense to see the world reflected back at me through their eyes. A perfect silent witness.

Each month at new moon, write a list of around 8-10 intentions. Keep them clear and simple. Write them as if you have achieved them already, no ifs, buts or maybes. No barriers or hesitations. Keep the list visible. At full moon, take your list and reflect upon it, cross any off that have already manifested, and perhaps keep the list under a candle or bowl or other sacred object. Full moon is the time for going deep within and letting go, for releasing that which is not serving us. New moon energy is like the in breath to the out breath of full moon. Multiply this with awareness of the earth cycles and the old pagan festivals, the solstices and the equinoxes, the cross quarter markers, and you can really start to tap into the energy of nature and her natural waves and tides. Get conscious! One love, one life. Live it!

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