Sunday 9 December 2012

Foot Fetish anyone?

Good evening readers. Well, today's hot topic is the foot, or to put it more precisely, the fetishisation of the feet! I recently stumbled across the youtube channel of GeishaKia, a fascinating woman with as diverse a range of interests and inspirations as you may find, who sees herself as a modern day Geisha, sexual healer and communicator.

I came across Kia through a short fundraising video posted by a friend on my Facebook page, which was a collaborative piece with Canadian Sexual Healer James Smith. Kia and James are working to raise money to produce a short film entitled "Soul Sex: The Five Gateways to Sexual Ecstasy" which you can find out more about here. It's well worth the time it takes to watch the video and bring some sexual healing to the planet; lord knows we need it! Anyhow, Kia I discovered also has a very successful youtube channel which seems mostly to revolve around her various musings on her feet. Discussions, many shots from many angles, toenails painted and not painted, short and long, manicured and natural, all manner of toe-styling, and judging from the number of hits on her videos, this is no minority fantasy, in fact there's even a dating site devoted entirely to foot fetishees!

Now, I've always known that many people have a fetish for feet, but never quite realised how many. Indeed one of my friends once uploaded, as a lighthearted jest, a clip of her party trick whereby she 'plaits' her toes, one over the other, all five in a most peculiar and double jointed manner. She was amazed by how many hits and comments her video received and it's fair to say, could perhaps have made a more lucrative living out of this party trick! I became fascinated.

(feet above are mine)

On digging around, I have discovered that it is the part of the body that the far greater number of people will have a fetish about. There are active online forums, there are websites, hell there may even be a 12 step program for all I know and it's not breasts, genitalia, or buttocks. Not noses, lips or tongues. Not necks or shoulders or the delicate curve of a belly, but feet causing all the rumpus. I guess it follows then that the next greatest clothing fetish is going to be shoes and boots and we've all heard of that one hey - "Mistress may I lick your boots clean please?" but what drives a person to become obsessed with footwear and the feet? I'm intrigued? I'd like some brave souls to step in and answer here if anyone should stumble across my blog too. What exactly is it that makes the foot so damn sexy?

Is it the absolute epitome of worship as the very thing that connects us to this earth? So symbolic that religious mythology would have us believe that Mary Magdalene washed the feet of Christ with her tears as penitence for being a fallen woman. Although it is now widely held that this was in fact Mary of Bethany and that the issue of fallen woman making right her sins is no longer associated with the washing of the Christ's feet, it remains a potent metaphor for redemption. But what of modern day foot fetishists then? Come and share your fascinations. Reveal all, for in the juicy arena of sexual preference all manner of wondrous things lie! Watch Geisha Kia devouring her own feet smothered in peanut butter and jelly; not everyone's cup of tea but pretty intriguing nonetheless. And if you like it there's more on her lovely website here too - enjoy!


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  2. Great article! I've liked feet for a long time, although it certainly depends on who they're attached to. ;) Thanks for sharing yours.

  3. thank you James! I think they are quite intriguing too though they're certainly not one of my fetishes.

  4. Hey Claudia, Geisha Kia ears were ringing and i found your blog ; )
    WHAT MAKES THE FOOT SEXY? A local filmmaker friend heard a midwife (of all people) explain that the separate areas of the brain that correspond to Sex and Feet are right beside each other and sometimes the wires get crossed resulting in what some call a foot fetish. I haven't verified this yet but it's just ONE of the many, many theories and personal stories i've heard since i starting asking this question over 5 years ago.

    One other note: I think it's not the foot itself that's sexy, it's the vivid personal stories that the foot lover associates with the foot.

    I Love your Blog! Thank you for sharing your energy with the world... Kia ; )

  5. Kia! hi, how delightful you stopped in and commented, we are lucky to hear from you directly. Your friends observation is an interesting one isn't it, we should investigate, become like modern day spy Geishas. I've long since had a fascination with Geisha and all it represents in it's best and worst aspects. Spy Geishas would be fun! I would like to know more about the kind of vivid personal stories associated with the foot? I once had a gentleman ask me to stand on his face all night whilst I as at the bar in a fetish club, and even when he went slightly blue and I was conceded for him, he asked me not to stop and said it was pleasurable for him. Guess that's one of those stories...

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog, keep in touch!

    1. Hi Claudi and thank you for posting this article, which is very insightful.

      I would like to tell you more about myself and my story. I am now a 26 year old man who does not really understand gender, I am very open, very sexual and am driven by my sexual chakra.

      I also had a very troubled upbringing in regards to my sexuality, spirituality and emotional body, finding myself desiring fetishes and possibly the dark sensuality like BDSM through this.

      My need for both sexes and my obsessive fetish for ladies feet had drove me into a cocoon of depression, social awkwardness and even led to me feeling suicidal. This sounds very extreme and in actual fact, became very extreme, I became a bad gambler and my life was going down the pan. Then I met my very first girlfriend, still in a dark secret about my fetishes and need for both energies being the balanced Gemini that I am, things were never truly open.

      I remember my first girlfriend allowing me to worship her feet, which was not something we had done consciously, it was a spare of the moment thing. After so many years of my foot cravings, I was in heaven. She obviously enjoyed it and seem to embrace it, I was hugely mistaken.

      I had discovered that she was spreading rumours about what a weirdo I was and was not aware that I was a laughing stock. This truly damaged me. It became a fear to even mention it, even if someone talked about it, I would feel ashamed. The words gay and feet would drive me into the colour of a tomato.

      I have learnt alot about foot fetishes and why I or even we have them. My biggest issue as I was growing up was my Root chakra, when blocked, this can cause some very serious issues with your energy. It is also a funny coincidence that feet and the root chakra both represent grounding and is the key chakra to allowing the kundalini energy to rise up.

      With my issues of sexuality, fetishes, needs, desires, acceptance and feeling grounded was something I never felt I had.

      In the last year I have made huge progress with my healing path, I have met a few beautiful people that know what a sexual nympho I am and I embrace my fetishes and want to explore even more, they have accepted me for who I am. I have accepted me now. I am driven by my sexual chakra, It at times is so powerful It is as if my stomach is turning into a washing machine!

      For me, a womans foot is the pinnacle of her beauty. When wrapped in beautiful fishnets or encased in beautiful heels, the sight of her beautiful arches and long slender legs leave me submissive. I have always believed that the sun is the man, the sun the woman and the stars its children. So a woman who can tame a firey man like myself with her hypnotic beauty and keep me calm is very attractive. I find it very cute, sensual and playful. I am quite fussy about the womans foot whom I choose to bow down and kiss the toe ring, but there are some foot angels out there are living proof that feet can indeed be beautiful.

      Being naturally dominant, I find that a woman who can calm me like the moon calms the sun, is a perfect exchange of energy. It is the same reason I am attracted to males.

      Sex has nothing to do with sex for me now. It is a spiritual thing, something I keep very sacred. After discovering my p spot at 13 years old, I realised how connected men and women really are. It is this connection, the dancing of chakras that really does it for me. I have learnt to embrace and encourage my dark side or my inner freak. Sex is infinite, it is art, it is beautiful, like woman and men.

      I crave the taste, the feeling and even the subtle smell of a warm womens foot that has been wearing heels, I am still vanilla when it comes to feet, but there is something so dirty and so sexy about kissing my lioness’s paws.! Peace and love

  6. Spy Geisha? Love it!

    In a sense, I'm already a spy. I'm always observing and collecting human behaviours as data for some future research project or... a book? As much as I put myself out there, I also gain tons of insight into the mind of a foot fetishist. Foot lovers have shared with me things they've never told their best friend... all it takes is the willingness to listen and to be contacted ... which makes you a Spy as well ; )

    I have a foot fetish client who likes the idea of me playing an assassin who kills my victims by crushing their throats with my powerful thighs...this role playing has evolved into wrapping my thighs around his throat and seducing him into a relaxed state using a hypnotic voice and then gradually tightening my grip until just before he passes out: getting him to connect fully with his breath and then taking his breath away. My way of fusing Tantra & Fetish.